Wednesday, August 26, 2015

$30 oil is here-I told you so-Blending can help

This week WTI crude price dropped to $38/bbl, and this is BEFORE Iran dumps another couple of million barrels to an oversupplied market, and lousy economic climate.

I Told You So!!!
This was predictable (see my Blending Insight Newsletter of December 2014), but it’s in human nature to avoid “bad news”. Fundamentals have not changed, so the downward spiral will continue…The BIG date is December 2015 when IAEA certifies that Iran has met its obligations under the agreed-upon nuclear deal…So be prepared..

Blending To The Rescue

The product prices take 4 to 6 months to track crude oil prices, thus providing REFINERS and TRADERS that blend fuels (gasoline, diesel, marine bunkers) an opportunity to exploit this time-price gap, and make a “killing” in the market.

To survive $30 oil you need to move fast to exploit the price-time gap, and sell or undersell your competitors to both existing and new customers (there is no shame in stealing your competitors customers). This is where blending excels…so…

Learn how to blend profitably…Ignorance IS NOT Bliss!
  • Blend various components into more than 15 different finished gasoline grades with emphasis on optimizing blend ratios to maximize profitability
  • ·       Learn how to decide to Buy or Not To Buy blend components
  • ·       Calculate blend component prices when not available
  • ·       Manage inventories: learn how to determine whether you have enough required components to blend finished grades 1 week to 2 months in advance

Register Today! London  Gasoline/Diesel Blending Course (Sept 16-18, 2015)

So I hope to see you in London:

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