Thursday, October 27, 2016

Congratulations to IMO MEPC for Disregarding the World with the 0.5%S DIKTAT for 2020

IMO MEPC did it again...totally disregarding the will of the people, and imposing a minority view, "deciding" to implement the 0.5% S global cap starting in 2020, no matter what.

What, there is no enough affordable 0.5% S fuel to be had in 2020? Don't want to hear bad news (Saw nothing, heard nothing!).

Just like the circus of the American presidential elections, we had the spectacle of IMO MEPC EU-centric London meeting pushing its EU-biased, politically-correct driven agenda, and acting like "Little Hitlers" in jamming down the throat of the world their favorite bunker fuel spec.

Congratulations, IMO MEPC, you successfully pushed an agenda that will be disregarded in the rest of the world. You can bask in the glory of your decision which your extremists in your EU territorial waters will enjoy by paying higher prices, while we, the troglodytes in the rest of the world will ignore "your" specs, enjoy the savings and the additional business, and invent new ways to avoid your territorial waters.

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