Sunday, May 1, 2016

Reminder - Reserve Your Seat Today! Rotterdam Bunker Fuel Blending Course (May 19-20, 2016)

 This deceptive curved silver gizmo and nearby boxes are a self-contained and approved Mass Flow Meter (MFM) package for custody transfer! Besides speeding up loading by about 3 hours, it provides custody-transfer precision to deter cheating!!! And, it is rugged: does not requires tender loving care like a Stradivarius violin..

Now, for the serious part: the world-famous Bunker Blending course is exceptionally timed to deal with low crude oil and product prices, including valuing blendstocks, pricing off-specs, and using blend optimizers to "squeeze" the last drop of money out of a blend.
 What makes it world-famous? The experience of the Course Director, me, Ara Barsamian – President and CEO, Refinery Automation Institute, USA; ex-Exxon Group Head, Blending & Oil Movements R&D, Senior Member AIChE, ASTM, ISA, IBIA, and world’s foremost expert on gasoline, diesel, and bunker fuel blending

 Learn how to make a profit in $20/bbl oil environment…Prepare for Iran’s imminent oil flood
·       Blend various components into more than 15 different finished Bunker grades by optimizing blend recipes to maximize profit
·       Learn how to decide to “Buy or Not To Buy” blend components
·       NEW! Calculate Bunker fuel blend component prices when not available
·       NEW! Calculate discounts for off-specs
·       Calculate Non-Linear Properties: e.g. Viscosity, Compatibility
·       Cut costs by blending directly to ship using API 1640 practice
·       Dispute resolution using ISO4259 and Test Method Precision
·       Manage inventories using Multi-Blend Optimizers

Free: 500+pages blending coursebook + 17 blending software programs, including blend optimizer (demo), blendstock price calculator, data bases of blend components and world-wide specifications.


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